We highly recommend having all music and graphic files prepared before you begin creating the event.

Subscribe to Artlist here: https://artlist.io/Support-2838798

Visit this website to cut your MP3 file: https://mp3cut.net/

Once your music file has uploaded to the website, it's time to trim it down. We recommend moving the sliders to the specific portion of the song for a 30 second trim. You can add in a fade in and fade out effect to create a smooth transition.

Click save to download the trimmed MP3 file. You will asked where to "open/download", we recommend saving to the download folder in the files app to easily locate during the event set up for audio. 

Now we are ready to add the audio file to the RevoSpin 360 app! Select "Choose" and then "Documents". Locate the trimmed MP3 file that was saved in the previous step.