Thank you for reaching out.  It looks like your videos were stuck in the upload queue. There is an update in the app store that now fixes this. 

To fix your issue:
1) Update your app to the latest version. 
2) Navigate to the settings screen and tap the "Restart Uploads" button.
3) Navigate to your event and view the "On Device" Gallery and reupload all the videos stuck in upload.

For best results and uninterrupted uploads, make sure to connect to a stable Wifi connection since it will be uploading all of the videos in your upload queue. Depending on the amount of videos you recorded, this process may take awhile. If you have any questions, please let us know.

To Reupload individual videos, here is a screenshot of the video with it stuck in upload. Hit this button circled and wait for the video to finish uploading. *This will only show if the video has no uploaded*

To summarize, the following features may prove helpful:

- Videos will automatically upload if they are older than 2 hours
- Manual restart upload button has been added to the settings screen 
- Option to automatically save videos to the iOS Photos app or Android Documents (available in the settings screen)