Video Quality

  • Choose between low, medium, and high. We recommend utilizing the high video quality option to ensure you're videos are exported in with the best resolution your iPhone can. handle. 

Record Time

  • The record time is maxed at 6 seconds for a few reasons; anything longer than 6 seconds will result in longer processing for guest to receive their videos. Recording at 6 seconds will ultimately result in a 30-second video once you factor in the slow-motion boomerang effect.


  • This number will appear before the actual recording letting the operator know when to spin the 360 platform arm.


  • You can choose between the front or rear cameras of your iPhone. We recommend utilizing the rear camera for wide-angle viewing if the iPhone has a third lens.

Audio File

  • Any saved MP3 audio file can be chosen here. We recommend trimming the audio file to reduce the processing and wait time until the guest can receive their video. This website can help trim and export the audio when finished.